What is Climate Change?

By  Denise Abdul-Rahman, Environmental Climate Justice, NAACP, Indiana 

What is Climate Change?

Our climate (temperature and weather) are changing. It is changing because of carbon pollution (CO2) that is emitted into the air. 

These emissions come largely from industrial plants and from automobile emissions. Some studies even include meat consumption as a major factor. 

Whatever the cause we have huge gigaton of carbon emitted and it is warming our beautiful planet over 2 degrees Celsius and fast approaching 4 degrees Celsius. 

This warming causes the glaciers to melt and when the enormous glaciers melt the sea levels rise, this rise has and will create flooding. 

Scientists say in 50 years islands like Haiti, Dominican Republic will be engulfed by water. Washington, DC and U.S. states have water for borders will be pushed further inland. 

There are extreme weather consequences too. This impact the most vulnerable people, low income and communities of color. These communities are face few resources, no preparedness plans, high unemployment, thus poverty and no reserves.  These communities reside in food deserts, most negatively impacted by high rising cost of agricultural yield, due to droughts and floods. 

These are reasons why there is a climate change agreement among 46 nations to reduce carbon pollution. This meeting is called Conference of Parties and this December in Paris, France, will be the 21st meeting and thus it is called COP21. 

The challenge is developed countries like the U.S. and China emit far more than underdeveloped countries therefore we should do more to reduce carbon pollution. This COP21 Climate agreement is voluntary and it should be mandatory. 

We should act on climate change with a fierce urgency of now to reduce our carbon emissions individually, locally, nationally and globally. 

We should act on climate change now!  It is a moral, civil and human right. 


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