Abdul-Rahman, receives Environmentalist of the Year

Thank you to President & Chair of the Board Tom Barrett, Executive Director Jesse Kharbanda and all of Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC) for honoring Denise Abdul-Rahman, NAACP Indiana Environmental Climate Justice Chair with the 

HEC Environmentalist of the Year Award.


Abdul-Rahman says “It has been an honor to collaborate with HEC on environmental policy. We have supported the opposition to HB 1143 No more Stringent Than, we opposed Senate Resolution regarding ozone and smog, and we helped HEC increase its engagement in Lake County with air monitoring kits”

Abdul-Rahman even supported correspondence to Marion County Health advocating for water testing at Indianapolis Power and Light, Harding Street Power Plant site. 

Abdul-Rahman says she “holds the award up

  • To grassroots leaders embedded in the trenches. 
  • I hold the award up, In honor of Dr. Amos Brown, III Servant Leader, Demographer, Chronicler of Indianapolis Communities
  • I hold the award up, In solidarity to All subjected to terror, to Paris, France and the piano player in the streets of Paris playing John Lennon, Imagine. 
  • I hold this award up to our global and Indiana delegation to COP21 Paris,

Fear not, let us move onward and forward with deeper purpose, courage and conviction, Thank you.” from left to right, Denise Abdul-Rahman, Shannon Anderson, Amanda Shepherd, Lauren  Kastner and  Garrett Blad not pictured 

(Left to Right: Denise Abdul-Rahman, Shannon Anderson, Amanda Shepherd, Lauren Kastner and not pictured Garrett Blad)


Immediate Release Indiana People’s Climate Movement 

People’s Climate MovementIndiana NAACP

For Immediate Release: October 14, 2015

Contact: Denise Abdul-Rahman, inecjnaacp@att.net

INDIANA, Indianapolis, Hammond [NAACP, Indiana in collaboration with Kheprw Institute, Faith Leaders of color, and other Frontline Organizations are hosting three events on October 14th, 2015] to Demand Action on Climate Change

October 14th 12:00 pm

Dr. Philip K. James – Pastor

The Historic Mount Zion Baptist Church

3500 N. Graceland Avenue

Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

Celebrating 146 Years, Doing Ministry that Makes A Difference – Redefining Forward


October 14th, 6:00 pm-8:00 pm

Imhotep Adisa, Executive Director

Kheprw Institute

3549 Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN



October 14th, 7:00 pm

Rev. Alfred Weems, Jr.

Victory in Jesus Worship Center International

6243 Monroe Avenue

Hammond, IN


 Comes Ahead of Critical Climate Talks in Paris

 Indiana, One year after the historic People’s Climate March, when 400,000 people crowded the streets of New York City, NAACP, Indiana today October 14, 2015 joined the People’s Climate Movement as part of its 100-city National Day of Action to demand action on climate change.


NAACP, Indiana, President Attorney Barbara Bolling-Williams says, “We want the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), Governor Mike Pence, Senator Donnelly, all of our leaders and African American Faith Leaders to know the urgency of climate action, and that the more inequality there is the more environmental injustice there is.”


“We have organized events in a few of our communities symbolic of our on the ground frontline communities that make up low income and communities of color. The most vulnerable to climate change. We will conduct a social media blast representing over 15 of our branch presidents and their members. I will be a NAACP, Indiana and Grassroots Global Alliance Delegate to Paris, representing our communities call for action at the COP 21,” said Denise Abdul-Rahman, NAACP, Indiana Environmental Climate Justice Chair



“As President of the Concerned Clergy of Indianapolis, and Pastor of Purpose of Life Ministries. I am in support of all efforts to protect Our Climate. Climate Change has and will disproportionately impact the least of thee, and I will continue to be a model in support and concern for the environment that we need to be good stewards of, “ said Rev. David W. Greene, Sr.



Rev. Dr. Philip Karl James, is Pastor of Mount Zion Baptist Church of Indianapolis, IN.  

He says, “Climate Change has and will disproportionately impact the least of thee. It is time for just and equitable systems. Our communities need to be resistance and able to weather the storm. ”



Indiana People’s Climate Movement also comes in the buildup to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris later this year. At this meeting, world leaders will make critical decisions that will impact generations to come.


“These actions across the country send a clear signal to the world leaders meeting in Paris that the time is now to act and act boldly to reduce carbon emissions and to make serious, binding commitments to fight climate change,” said Paul Getsos, National Coordinator of the People’s Climate Movement.

*****Rev. President Homer Clay Cobb, Hammond NAACP and Rev. Alfred Weems, Jr. Victory in Jesus Worship Center International quotes are available upon request


NAACP, Indiana Environmental Climate Justice Our mission is to Influence and impact Indiana Environmental, Energy and Economic policies that will lead to cleaner energy, healthier environments and green economic opportunities for our members who are predominately, People of Color (POC) and People of Low Income (POL) or the frontline community. Our communities typically live within the service area of coal-fired/fossil fuel power plants and are most negatively impacted by the energy decisions, such as, greenhouse gases (GHG) within the State of Indiana. Indiana NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program Overarching Goals: 1. Reduce harmful emissions, particularly greenhouse gases 2. Advance energy efficiency and clean energy 3. Improve community resilience and adaptation, http://www.facebook.com/indiananaacpecj @indiananaacpecj




IN NAACP on Amos Brown discussing the President Obama’s Clean Power Plan

President Obama On Clean Power Plan/ Getty, Also on the program, reaction from a top local environmental leader to President Barack Obama‘s Clean Power Plan, announced Monday that’s designed to reduce Global Warming and pollution by 2030. The plan has already been bitterly attacked by Governor Mike Pence who vows to defy the President’s proposal and fight it in court. Denise Abdul-Rahman, of the Indiana NAACP’s Environment Committee explained the President’s plan and why it would be beneficial for our African-American community. Abdul-Rahman believes that the opportunity for jobs in solar power and wind power would greatly benefit the Black community under the President’s proposal.
Click here IN NAACP on Amos Brown

 The Afternoons with Amos PODCAST For Tuesday, August 4, 2015 Runs 102 Minutes ©2015 WTLC/Radio One. PODCAST Starts After Brief Video Ad.

Indiana NAACP supporters Stand up for #EnergyDemocracy and #JustEnergy

It was standing room only, but the Indiana NAACP #Just Energy Freedom supporters had front row seats, saved with blue square-cut outs with red words ”JustEnergy Freedom, Indiana NAACP” this is the campaign slogan for opposition to HB 1320.

The supporters are representatives of Gary Branch NAACP pictured from right to left (Leona Chandler-Felton, Gary Environmental Climate Justice (ECJ) Chair & Fred Buckley), Indiana NAACP ECJ Chair, (Denise Abdul-Rahman) Minority Business Enterprise Solar Development (Keni Washington, Earth-Solar), and an Indianapolis, IN resident, who is a member of the Indianapolis NAACP Branch (Rita Gousman).  The supporters are passionate regarding their opposition and their support of Indiana NAACP position on  HB 1320 and “showed up and showed out” at the Utility and Telecommunications Committee Hearing held on February 18, 2015.

The bill is indicative of attacks on Net Metering policies across the country. The word is organizations like ALEC and Edison Electric Institute are the “Ghost Writers” or playbook for all of the attacks on the Clean Energy Distributed Generation. This playbook has created a “Great Debate” that low-income and minorities are and will suffer on their electric utility bill,  because they are “subsidizing” others that distribute clean energy across the grid.

The bill was authored by Representative Koch and it initially set out to impose fixed rate charges on customer that are energy receivers and customers that generate energy. This section of the bill was referred to as “Section 8” and was removed and considered a victory.  However, the bill still proposes a  tariff on distributed generation.

Somehow the varying lobbyist managed to obtain resolutions and such, that validated the subsidy claim.  These resolutions were presented at the hearing.  The first was presented by Representative Koch a resolution from the National Policy Alliance, then upon later a resolution from the American Association of Blacks in Energy.

There were 42 persons and some representing organizations signed up to provide testimony, including 5 supporters of the Indiana NAACP position.  Only 8 persons representing organizations were allowed to speak in opposition of which the Indiana NAACP ECJ Chair, Denise Abdul-Rahman was allowed to speak, but had arranged for the IN NAACP advocates to speak.  There were 2 speakers in a neutral position and only 2 spokesperson for the bill, Indiana Energy Association (IEA) and Industry Manufacturers Association.  This was unsettling particularly since, the Gary Branch ECJ Chair had traveled from Gary, IN.  The State NAACP Chair stood up and requested that Our Representatives be heard with no avail. 

NAACP is Standing up and Representing Our Communities. 

Indiana NAACP Environmental Climate Justice Chair, Denise Abdul-Rahman Speaks at Indiana Mama Summit April 8, 2015 at the Indiana State House

Indiana Green Outreach June 12, 2015

Good Morning and Thank you to Wendy, and all the Momma’s and Papa’s, Grand’s, and Children, Standing for clean air, healthy communities, standing for our children and environmental climate justice.

1‘Indiana is hooked on coal- and that addiction has remained constant for decades.  While many states and countries are moving toward cleaner energy sources, est. 85% of Indiana’s electricity comes from coal- fired power plants.’
2’Coal burning is- and has always been-deadly.  According to Journalist Jeff Goodell, quoted in the NAACP Coal Blooded Report, says coals effects on public health are now less apparent than they were.  50 years ago, in industrial states, people were still dropping dead in the streets on days air pollution was particularly bad.  In China and India they still are.  Now, in the US, in Indiana it happens in slow motion, and in ways that don’t translate easily to death Certificates.’
3According to our Harding Street Coal Plant Resolution formulated by the Indiana NAACP and the Black Nurses Association of Indianapolis, Inc.  Negative public health effects occurs in states with coal power plants including higher rates of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the top ten coal-energy producing states which includes the state of Indiana having an average 19% higher lung cancer death rate than the US average.  Prolonged exposures to toxins from these energy production facilities is tied to birth defects, heart disease, asthma attacks, lung disease, and learning difficulties, for example a black child is 3 times as likely to be admitted to the hospital and twice more likely to die from an asthma attack than a white child.  This is Our Quest for Environmental Justice—(Dr. Robert Bullards Book)
A recent scientific paper by Shane Evans, student of IU Robert McKinney School of Law, concluded that racial makeup, more specifically, the percent of people who identified as white alone, not Hispanic or Latino, is the most important demographic metric in determining the amount of pollution in 50 Hoosier cities and towns.
The Indiana NAACP Clean Power Plan Resolution calls for coal ash to be defined as “special waste” and calls for special disposal—-Drop the lawsuit against EPA Clean Power Plan.
The NAACP Resolution Promoting Equitable Access to Clean Energy calls for the United States and we are calling for the State of Indiana it’s Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) to find ways to assure universal affordable access to a clean energy portfolio to prevent the recurrence of environmentally racist policies and practices that often contribute to disproportionately high rates of exposure to pollution from fossil fuel and nuclear based energy production and toxic wastes that have plagued African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans and other communities of color and low income for decades.  
Stop Putting Profits Before The People

Indiana Green Outreach June 12, 2015