Dr. Amos Brown, III, Me and Obama’s Clean Power Plan

Amos Brown was one of the major Intelligentsia of our community.  I personally admired how he debated positions for justice and equity fully backed by data and research, oh such wizardry.

I so wanted to call him, meet for coffee and ask him how he mastered extrapolating data and research on African Americans within Indiana and Indianapolis, oh so seamlessly.
My brief time with Amos involved seeing him in public and introducing my children to him, to include “Indiana Kid Governor,” getting Kid Governors photo opt, not mine and being on his show, only about five times, and then pushing the environmental climate justice agenda.

At Governor Pence announcement of HIP 2.0, Indiana Kid Governor meets Dr. Amos Brown, III
The most memorable time was just August the 4th, 2015,  Obama’s Clean Power Plan  as Amos stated “It’s the Presidents birthday.” I felt so honored to be on Amos’s show, although this time I had to phone in from Hampton, MA where I was attending a summer institute with the Center of Popular Economics.

This program was rigorous starting early morning, walking all over Smith College and ending a 9:00 pm at night. But I had to be ready for “Afternoons with Amos.” I had to study and prepare to know “Obama’s Clean Power Plan” and its goals for Indiana. I knew Amos would be beyond prepared and would not be lienent because he had a high standard and I always wanted to meet it and exceed it.

I shared how the Clean Power Plan would produce hundreds of thousands of jobs. I shared how Indiana’s plan is one of the least stringent plans out of all fifty states. Then I had to keep myself from laughing on the air when Amos said ‘wait a minute are you saying Indiana has the least stringent?, The Governor says this is the worse plan …since….for Indiana, well what’s wrong with Governor, did he not read the plan, did he get up on the wrong side of the bed or what?’

I really just wanted to laugh, but had to suck it up and respond, but that was being on Amos, smart, witty with great humor.

Another time I was privileged to air in the studio with Amos, we were introducing a national known African American Environmentalist Jerome Ringo. We were conversing about climate change, and Amos ask me something about Indianapolis Power and Light, he said ‘you have been on IPL so bad I’m surprised they haven’t cut off your electricity just for GP’

No I did not know Amos, personally, but I did get a couple of calls with some advice, and I still wish I had called and asked for a coffee meeting, but until then I will hang on to August 4,2015 when he said ‘Always a pleasure’



IN NAACP on Amos Brown discussing the President Obama’s Clean Power Plan

President Obama On Clean Power Plan/ Getty, Also on the program, reaction from a top local environmental leader to President Barack Obama‘s Clean Power Plan, announced Monday that’s designed to reduce Global Warming and pollution by 2030. The plan has already been bitterly attacked by Governor Mike Pence who vows to defy the President’s proposal and fight it in court. Denise Abdul-Rahman, of the Indiana NAACP’s Environment Committee explained the President’s plan and why it would be beneficial for our African-American community. Abdul-Rahman believes that the opportunity for jobs in solar power and wind power would greatly benefit the Black community under the President’s proposal.
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