Abdul-Rahman, receives Environmentalist of the Year

Thank you to President & Chair of the Board Tom Barrett, Executive Director Jesse Kharbanda and all of Hoosier Environmental Council (HEC) for honoring Denise Abdul-Rahman, NAACP Indiana Environmental Climate Justice Chair with the 

HEC Environmentalist of the Year Award.


Abdul-Rahman says “It has been an honor to collaborate with HEC on environmental policy. We have supported the opposition to HB 1143 No more Stringent Than, we opposed Senate Resolution regarding ozone and smog, and we helped HEC increase its engagement in Lake County with air monitoring kits”

Abdul-Rahman even supported correspondence to Marion County Health advocating for water testing at Indianapolis Power and Light, Harding Street Power Plant site. 

Abdul-Rahman says she “holds the award up

  • To grassroots leaders embedded in the trenches. 
  • I hold the award up, In honor of Dr. Amos Brown, III Servant Leader, Demographer, Chronicler of Indianapolis Communities
  • I hold the award up, In solidarity to All subjected to terror, to Paris, France and the piano player in the streets of Paris playing John Lennon, Imagine. 
  • I hold this award up to our global and Indiana delegation to COP21 Paris,

Fear not, let us move onward and forward with deeper purpose, courage and conviction, Thank you.” from left to right, Denise Abdul-Rahman, Shannon Anderson, Amanda Shepherd, Lauren  Kastner and  Garrett Blad not pictured 

(Left to Right: Denise Abdul-Rahman, Shannon Anderson, Amanda Shepherd, Lauren Kastner and not pictured Garrett Blad)